About Prodeff AB

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Prodeff consult is a company with a focus on assignment matching and consulting in the areas

  • Production
  • Product
  • Quality
  • Process
  • Industrial project management
From start production engineers and close colleagues with a great passion for efficiency and development. Prodeff has been active since 2015, where our primary focus has revolved around production development and company development. Prodeff, which stands for “Production Efficiency”, became a limited company in 2017, with our 25 years of combined experience in manufacturing and development. We have the right niche to satisfy our customers’ needs within our focus areas. Prodeff is a hierarchy-free business that consists of wonderful colleagues. We work close to each other and help each other reach new heights as a team, but also on an individual level. Join us on our journey!

Our History

— “Productionefficiency” (Prodeff) was initiated as a sole proprietor company in the summer of 2015. The main focus was to offer consulting services in various efficiency solutions and organizational structural improvements in production and process development.

— During customer collaborations, a number of different requests arose for prototype and series production of machined parts. Prodeff accepted the challenge and shortly afterwards began to provide customers with specific prototype solutions and series production in parallel with consulting services.

— In connection with our first consultant on assignment at a client, we began a new journey and registered Prodeff as a limited company in 2017. Nowadays, Prodeff AB saw great potential in the consulting industry. The main focus was to provide customers with the right skills and profile in the areas of production development, product development and industrial project management.

— In 2017, the focus was not only on consulting services. With a hunger for development, Prodeff AB chose to adopt graphic design and web development services together with an external company, which we did with great interest and commitment.

— In the spring of 2019, another opportunity was presented, this time in physical form. A product founded in Germany and then further developed in USA and which is currently located in Mexico and Canada – OSAAP specially adapted foam inlays. Because this product has a major impact on production facilities, because it has many areas of use and because it possesses an efficient manufacturing process, it was obvious that Prodeff AB should adopt this solution. The founders of OSAAP gave Prodeff AB the responsibility to develop and deliver to the Scandinavian market. Which was initiated and completed.

— End of 2019 was an eventful year. Prodeff AB has always had an entrepreneurial side and also a great interest in Lean methodology and a Mindset that means that we not only work efficiently, we live it. With the right services and products within the company’s walls, with motivation for development and with the right skills, a new journey began at Prodeff AB. Since the start in 2015, we have brought with us everything we need to reorganize Prodeff AB into the 4 different business areas. These areas will be our vision and goal in our current company structure.

We are grateful for all successes and setbacks we have experienced in recent years.
This has made us who we are today!