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Technical specialists from sketching to manufacturing.
Sit back and let us find the right skills for your project.


Satisfied colleague = Satisfied customer

Finding the perfect profile is never easy, but we believe that with the help of our values we can come a long way.

Prodeff consultant does not only focus on finding the right skills for our customers. We place great emphasis on building trust and loyalty among our employees. A satisfied colleague is an ambitious colleague who always strives for new heights in his workplace.

When we achieve a genuine interest in our consultants, it can easily be transmitted to our customers.

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Assignment experience

Six Sigma • JIT • SMED • FMEA • 7Q • MTM/SAM • Kaizen • OEE • 5S • PDCA • Kanban • VSM • FIFO • Team center • AViX • IMDS • KDP • CATIA • Inventor • Solid works • Matlab • Ansa • Abaqus • LS-Dyna • Optimus • Phyton • FEM-analys • Gantt • PLM • Agile • Scrum

Our initiative

Finding the right skills can be time consuming. The person you are looking for needs to have knowledge and experience, have the right personal qualities, be driven, be loyal and more. We are aware of what the recruitment process means. Take part in our experience and take part in our network.


Why Prodeff

Our consulting company does not differ that much from others. If there is one thing that can set us apart, it is our openness. Our policy is about transparency towards all stakeholders. This is what creates long-term loyalty with our existing and future consultants in order to create long-term loyalty to our customers!